About Us

About Us

Yantai Shunda Polyurethane Co.,Ltd, founded in year 1996, has grown into a modern joint-stock enterprise for over twenty years development, which has the research, development, production and operation for the series of rigid polyurethane foam products.

SHUNDA products are mainly engaged in rigid PU foam blend polyol, Polymeric MDI, PU base polyol, flame retardant, PU catalyst, PU Exterior wall insulation panel and rigid PU foam Spraying Insulation constructions. Our leading product rigid PU foam blend polyol series have been sold out all over the world, which are widely used in cold storage, building instruction, solar water heaters, refrigerators, freezers, cold storage door, refrigerated container, oil and chemical pipelines, tank insulation and all kinds of garage door, burglarproof door sound insulation fields and etc.

At the same time, we are the supporting service provider for the company of Yantai Moon Group Co.,ltd. We are also the top good distributor of Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd. In the same time, we are the first class distributors for the fluid equipment of USA GRACO Company in China market.

Our company established the branch factory in Dalian city of Liaoning province in August 2008, which covered the area of 24000 square meters. It has become the outstanding production base and service center for polyurethane rigid foam material in northeast area of China.

Our company established the branch factory in Linyi City of South Shandong Province in October 2009, which supply provide more rapid service and support to the customers of east, south, northwest areas of China.

In year 2013, our company established the Changchun branch factory, it has put into the production in July 2014. That will stand the producing line of Shunda will be more mature, the market inquiry will be much larger.

At present, our company is doing the research for Investment investigation in Southern and Northwest of China in order to speed up the industry and channel layout, plan layout for Shunda development.

In order to meet the market demand, Shunda have set up the agency and after-sales service networks in the main areas of China, such as Jinan, Weihai, Linyi, Dalian, Jinzhou, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Fujian, Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan, Xinjiang and other places. Which stands for Shunda sales have cover through the whole country. Shunda will provide convenient, high-quality products and services to the customers.

"integrity, responsibility, respect, service" is the core value idea of our company, Shunda will provide the perfect construction solution of polyurethane anticorrosion and insulation to the customers according to our excellent technology, first-class products and perfect service. We would like to contribute a force for revitalizing China's polyurethane industry.

Sanjiang Company

Yantai Sanjiang Chemical Industry Material Co.,Ltd

Relying on the powerful production, quality control and purchasing of our Group Yantai Shunda Polyurethane Company., Yantai Sanjiang Chemical Inudstry Material Co.,ltd can product and sale many kinds of PU raw material such as rigid PU foam blend polyol series, base polyether polyol, flame retardants, PU catalysts, 141b and so on. We have built a long term cooperation with many international companies such as Yantai Wanhua, BASF, Bayer, Hunstman, Evonick, ect. We also have a close relationship with many professional catalyst, silicone oil, flame retardants, polyether manufacturers. Yantai Sanjing has become the good supplier of high performance products in the field of PU industry, we can supply n provide reliable quality and complete all kinds of polyurethane materials for the global polyurethane colleagues.

Yantai Sanjiang Chemical Industry Material Co.,Ltd is not only maintain in developing the international export market but also the import market. We are actively seeking the foreign markets high quality performance products, if you want to open the China market, please choose us, because depend on our more than 20 warehousing logistics and 20 years of experience in chemical industry in China market, you can quickly and efficiently achieve your goals.

We are very welcome foreign customers to come to inquiry our products and look forward to have a further more cooperation, not only the buyers but also the seller, we all can have the excellent cooperation according to our advanced products and rich experience 。

Our Promise: No defective products

Our Target: Focus on polyurethane industry, improve and development, be your excellent partner

Our Service: Only not perfect products, no captious customers

Our Purpose: Take employee's individual needs and the needs of the customer into the enterprise long-term development.