In order to improve the safety mind and knowledge of the dangerous chemicals during the development, production, purchasing, transportation and sales, our company started the training of Polyether MDI application and safety management in logistics transportation”for our connected members. It is perated by our HR department, Purchasing department and Covestro Company. The teacher of Mr Tu, invited from Covestro Company, came to our company to start a very successful training.

The parts of the wonderful moments of the training as follows:


Mr Yuan, our manager of HR, opened a good start and said a warm welcome for Mr Tu.


Listen carefully and make the notes seriously.


The explaining for the safety products and practice by volunteer.

Through the study of two hours, our members learned a lot and have a brief acknowledge for the safety management of the chemical products.

“Never forget to read with a calm heart even in a hard and cruel war.” In the future, the HR department will operate more and wonderful trainings and lessons to us.

Contribute to the development of the company and the improvement of colleagues!